About Sea School


The Nova Scotia Sea School provides transformational learning opportunities guided by the spirit of the sea and adventure that ensures access for everyone to discover the values of leadership, courage, generosity, resiliency, environmental stewardship, humour and community.


To create transformational learning experiences guided by the spirit of the sea and the principles of life on a small boat, where each participant takes command of his or her own personal journey to be the best version of themselves and to help create the best version of society. The experience will be fun, challenging and beyond the ordinary. At Sea School, you become part of a devoted and diverse crew of participants, instructors, volunteers and friends providing meaningful connections that last far beyond the voyage itself.

“Why am I so eager to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about the Sea School? I guess it's because I see the Sea School as being such a unique organization, in its aims and philosophies and success rate that offers an experience that no other outdoor adventure/education programs, summer camps or youth development services in Canada even come close to paralleling. The Sea School has built a completely unique way to engage youth (and adults) in their community, their education, their natural environment and the heritage of this place. Sea School trips are profoundly emotionally intense and fun. It grew out of the unique community, heritage and creative environment that seem to flourish in Nova Scotia and it involves some of the most inspiring social activists, artists and educators in the community… Somehow the Sea School straddles outdoor education, environmental education, community development, youth engagement, mental health, boat-building and Nova Scotian seafaring traditions, and the results are pretty incredible.”
- Phoebe Owen, Alumni