Adult 5-day Professional Development - Testimonial

Wondering about sailing with us this summer?
Please read the following testimonial and come discover what the Sea School could mean for you!

"Sailing with the Nova Scotia Sea School was one of the most challenging, exciting and healing experiences of my life. The challenge for me was stepping aboard a 30 foot boat for five full days and nights with complete strangers. My excitement stemmed from the notion of being on the sea, a setting I've always found solace in. The healing aspect came from discovering strengths I didn't even know I had, or had forgotten about in the clouded flurry of being a student, searching for employment and navigating personal relationships. The strangers aboard soon became close friends as we worked to literally keep each other afloat and my love for the sea and the salty air that envelops you, only grew even more. The Sea School is founded on the notion of the sea's ability to teach us something about our own inherent wisdom and ability to persevere and that is exactly what I took away from this experience. The sea provides an incredible metaphor for our experiences on land, regardless of your personal background. We're all riding the waves but with keen awareness, a little bit of skill and most importantly an open heart there's always a path back to shore!" - Professional Development Participant 2014.