Take It Outside March Break - Tamara's Testimonial!

"Hi, my name is Tamara. I attended the Sea School march break camp 2014, and it was fantastic.

You learn so much about surviving outside in the winter. How to cook, make a fire, what kind of wood is best for starting a fire, other things that can help light the fire faster like birch bark, how to stay warm, and how to prevent frost bite. You meet really amazing people that become your friends for a long time and the staff are great too! Something I really enjoyed learning was knots used to tie down the tarps and any other knots that people knew. If you want to learn something don't be scared to ask, and if you want to show people something don't be scared to jump up to the stand, everyone is open to anything. Another thing I really enjoyed was what they call a "solo". You spend 24 hours alone. It's an amazing experience! You put all the things you learned before the solo together. You collect your own wood, make your own fire, build your own shelter out of a tarp an rope with the knots you learned, and cook your own food. You make lunch, supper and breakfast the next morning. Sea School is an amazing experience and worth giving a shot ! You'll love it ! You meet all kinds of people that become friends for a life time, and learn skills you can use in the future ! Have fun, and don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!"

-Tamara, 2014 Participant