Willow Star (Sea School Alumni) Shares her memories of Zoe Nudell

"There are a lot of young people who were inspired by Zoe’s life, and I know I was. She was a great person with an amazing way of holding herself, she was strong and willing to support and help. In the cold, dark freezing night she solved our centerboard problem with calm and ease. Her light in the world touched me deeply, she taught me the points of sail so that I could fully understand it. Her peaceful communication made me feel calm, happy and at home on the boat. Her sailing knowledge and ease on the boat made me want to stay on that trip forever. She made sure you felt all right, checking in and always ready to give you a smile.

I will always remember that trip and all the fun I had getting to know Zoe.

She was truly a great person." - Willow Star, 14, 2013